I used the fire that flames in everyone’s soul and burned an empire to the ground

It had been going on for too long. Longer than the time I was born, my great grandfather was the third victim, from there the body count never dropped.

We live in the gutters, avoid them by miles…live on their leftovers, still we get hunted. This had to stop. So I took the initiative.

I was already well on my road to dying, since I had been “cursed”, or at least that’s what the village leader told me. So I took it upon me to carry out my fate. Before the harbinger of death visited me, I wanted it to visit them.

It wasn’t easy, finding the right place for me to accomplish my task at. It mattered a lot where I started it, we did have many locations set up for a contingency plan, if I failed. But it didn’t matter if I failed, I was just the spark, and the catalyst to a reaction so great that it would be remembered for centuries to come. If I failed, somebody else cursed with the same fate would take my place.

Our first choice were the lower levels in Penrith. Since it provided us an advantage in numbers. Our next target was Constantinople, then Italy, Marseilles, nothing would be left.

My task you ask? I just had to die! That was the sacrifice needed to bring justice to our people. We were large in numbers but weak in the being and mind. They could crush us and not blink an eye, the only advantage we had were our numbers, which made some of us escape their clutches. By dying, I could let the harbingers carry over my curse to them, let them suffer as we did.

And so I waited, waited for my time to come. As soon as I knew it was close, I ran to the nearest house, I could feel it with my every breath, everything was waning, I was losing control of my limbs, every breath, taking more of a toll than the one before. But before I go, with all I have left in me, I leave this to you, my last words. You find these, you know my legacy.

I have to be the first, I knew if I succeed my comrades will follow. So let’s end this.

Who am I you ask? I have a name, yes. But after being given this quest, I was given another one.

I am their final call.

I am The Black Death.


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