My Star

This is my story. It is story of how life has always given me enough to live with. There has
always been hope even in the worst of times. And even if I could, there is not a single thing that
I’d ever change about it.
I was little when my parents died. Like my saviour, the old man next door took me in. He would
take me to construction sites. But his intention was always to simply keep an eye on me while
he worked. I used to call him bapu and he always let me.
Slowly I learned the work and started helping out at sites. The construction manager had also
just started working at that time and he took a special liking to me.
He would give me simple chores and would pay me a little amount at the end of the day.
It used to make feel important, like a proper grown up cause I was contributing towards running
the home.
I grew up in these sites. Working as a daily earner and taking pride in the buildings completed
by us.
I know it doesn’t sound special or exotic, but to me, my work has always been like a religion. I
have full faith and pride in it and never believed it to be small or menial.
It was through this work that i found Mimi. My little miracle.
After completing another day’s work, I was returning home when i saw a little kid scavenging for
food near the trash cans. I called her and offered her whatever i could spare, but she refused it
by saying “can’t accept it as i haven’t worked for it”. Looking at her innocent face, i knew i just
couldn’t leave her behind. So i brought her home with me.
12 years later, my Mimi had grown up to be a really intelligent girl and was appearing in
entrance tests for engineering colleges. I had been promoted to the position of site coordinator,
so my income was enough to support her studies and our lives as well.
We were a team and we always planned ahead. We had two special funds. One for Mimi’s
college fee and another for operating on the slowly developing cataract in my eyes. And we both
were relaxed knowing that we were safe for future.
Then the results for college entrances came in. My Mimi was selected in the best college in the
country. She was going to study civil engineering and build the monuments for her dad.
I was just too overjoyed but Mimi was not happy. “Our savings aren’t enough to support this
college’s fee. We will not be able to afford it”, was her reasoning.
I told her that I’ll talk to the college people and see if they can help us out. She wasn’t satisfied
but let me go anyways.
I went to the college (it was in another city) and talked to the admissions in-charge there. They
said that they can’t do much as it is a private institute. Though if Mimi scores high enough, they’ll
give her a scholarship from next year onwards.
That re-assured me. Both my saving funds added together were enough to cover the admission
fee and i knew she’ll always be the best and will definitely get that scholarship next year.
So i paid the entire amount and confirmed her admission.
When i came home, i told her everything but instead of being happy, she was furious.
“You’re going to lose your sight baba. And i won’t be able to help out at all. How are you going to
survive? What will you do?”she kept on being stressed.
That night she cried for hours on end and there was nothing that i said which would comfort her
in any way.
Next morning she woke me up with my cup of tea. I noticed her puffy and red eyes and hugged
her tight.
I made her promise to go to the college. To do her best while there. To become an engineer. In
return, she made me promise that I’ll always have faith in her and that she’ll return and we’ll
build not just structures but our life again.
Now she’s gone. The light in my eyes has waned almost completely. It is like an eternal night
and the only source of light is Mimi. She’s my star, the star that I stare at all night, every night.
And wait for the day when she’ll be back and bring sunrise with her.



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