A Parrot on Roll

Dear Diary,

Today i saw her!….Again!

It was like living the dream even if it was for the tenth time.


Now being a parrot I travel to a lot of different places and witness a lot of different faces. I have practically seen the whole world except you know… Antarctica…it’s just too cold for my taste. But, in this whole wide world, she is only one that provides me that calm and happiness that no one else can. She feeds me, visits me at the same spot and takes care of me like no one else can.

But, somehow all my friends don’t believe me. They say that she’s just a figment of my imagination because there is no such thing  as a ‘caring human’. Maybe they say that because one day I ingested a funny substance that made the world go in a swirl and i was seeing things that normally is not seen by parrots like: I saw my friends playing cricket by making a fur ball out of a koala bear etc. After I had that, it made me cling onto it and in lieu of finding it again I ate some of the plants from which I was allergic to.


The human friend whom I was talking about is just like that funny substance. I met her in a park near a residency society in Somersville. She was really interested when she met me the very first time. That day she was with a bigger human probably her mother and they brought treats for all the birds there including some grains and water in a wide mouthed bowl. But for some strange reason she did not offer me any of those seemingly tasty stuff instead she had made some rolls full of different coloured grass. I must say that it was probably the strangest and tastiest thing i have ever had.


Since that day, I meet her every month in the same park on the same branch of the very same tree so she does not find it difficult to spot me. I really do not care if my friends think if she is real or not. I don’t care if I have to live in Somersville for my entire life.

But, yesterday when I saw her, she was not as perky as she usually is but the grass roll was tastier than ever. I flew right away and sat on her shoulder and nudged her so she would share the reason behind her sadness. I think she understood my signal and a little pearl of a tear fell from her right eye. She started speaking in a little quacky voice and thanks to ‘Old Owl’ for teaching me that I understood the human language. She told me that her family is taking her to some other country and I have heard that that place is not so ‘Parrot-friendly’.


After hearing this much of news, I was in shock and believe me if I could, I would have cried with her. She is literally the best person I have ever met and if she is moving to such a place which is out of my bounds…well…I do not know how I will comprehend with all this.


Yesterday she had ten grass rolls in her plate for me and I took the longest hour to finish the entire lot. I knew something was different about the roll as I told you it was tastier as compared to other days. As I was savouring every bite and every gulp, I noticed that yesterday she had handpicked the finest grass for my roll. Little did I know that it was my last roll.

I really hope that we meet again someday so I can hear that same perky voice of hers and taste the finest roll filled with the finest grass.



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