The Verdict

One night in my room

With the table, the chair

And my massive looming shadow

I was there….

Not sitting not lying

Not sleeping not awake


Absolutely shaken by the day’s events


One night in my room

Sitting under the table

Hiding…from someone

Who committed a heinous crime

Of ripping her soul out

Then throwing her away

Like a piece of crap

Like she was nobody


Everybody knew what they did

Everybody raised their voices

They did a candle march

They did everything

That they had in power


It has been three years

And the accused still breathe

One of them out in the open

Living his life

Just because he was not of age


Had lost all hope

The candle about to go out

Darkness was taking over

Slowly pacing towards me

Total silence in the streets

Everyone hoping

While my lamp was going out


A storm about to start it seems

Mild winds blowing

Whistling their way into the houses

Into minds… Into eyes


But somehow I think

They are not here

To blow out the sparks of hope

But they are here to encourage them

To glow even brighter


The same winds came to me

They brought a note

That flew in through my window

It said something that lifted my spirits

To go on and not give up


“The verdict has come”

It said…

“The ones who have committed

Shall pay for their sins”


I came out from beneath

The table I was hiding

The looming shadow was not quite

It was mine again


As I came out

To enjoy the fresh air

I was me again

As i was ensured

That justice is served

It might take some time

To be prepared

But at least it’s there..

Just there…



4 thoughts on “The Verdict”

  1. Absolutely touching. Nirbhaya’s pain is still fresh in my mind. Those accused doesn’t even deserve a place in hell. She was an inspiration and always will be. She fought and she got the justice.


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